Why Attend?

Why Attend?

Why Attend? 

eCommerce Expo US helps you stay informed and make sure you can respond in an ever-changing and unpredictable market.

Whether you are a Multichannel, Pureplay, B2B, DTC or B2C retailer or brand, it’s the perfect event to fill your basket with market-leading insight and inspiration. 

Unlike other virtual events, eCommerce Expo US is packed with useful insights from industry leaders and some of the fastest growing brands. Even better our virtual event is interactive and fun, with 1-to-1 meetups, live labs, speaker Q&A and unique storytelling sessions and interactive gatherings where we get to the truth behind diversity, sustainability and conscious leadership with some of the most fascinating retail and brand leaders in the industry.  

  • Founders & Owners of Brands & Retailers
  • E-commerce directors, managers, analysts, buyers and merchandisers
  • Marketing executives, managers and digital marketing experts in the retail industry
  • Professionals in any category who want to grow their online sales!

Plus, anyone looking for proven retail & marketing technology solutions, including new tools, technologies, products, services, strategies, and best practices that they can deploy right now!

What Will You Learn?

  • Actionable Strategies. Learn the strategies that helped business rocket to the top - directly from the leaders and founders of the brand.
  • The Big Ideas. 2020 changed retail - and it changed consumers - learn how to use conscious consumerism to help build your business.
  • It's Not a Trend, It's a Movement. Learn how diversity, sustainability and conscious leadership have, and continue to, alter how retailers and brands do business. 
  • Access to Expertise. Get key advice from experts who will discuss the strategies and tools currently helping ecommerce professionals accomplish more.
  • Clear the Road. Join our interactive labs to see how retailers and solution providers work together as partners to grow faster and increase sales.
  • Community. Head back to work with fresh ideas, tons of inspiration, new tools for your work and lifelong connections to reach out to after the experience.

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Who Should Attend?

Does your role relate to selling online?

Then eCommerce Expo US is the event for you!

Roles Attending include:

  • C-suite leaders
  • Founders & owners
  • VP of Marketing
  • VP of eCommerce
  • VP of Digital
  • Heads of eCommerce
  • Marketing leadership
  • Marketing directors and managers
  • eCommerce customer journey specialists
  • eCommerce Managers
  • eCommerce Directors
  • Project Managers and more.