Sara Cullen

Sara Cullen

Founder / CEO, GEM
GEM was founded by Sara Cullen after she began experiencing a slew of bizarre chronic inflammation issues that impacted everything about her life, from mood swings to constant fatigue and acne. She lived a “healthy” lifestyle, but after many doctor's visits and blood tests she learned that she was deficient in most vitamins and nutrients even though she ate a “healthy” diet. Her doctor recommended supplements but Sara only found options with synthetic ingredients, unnecessary binders and plastic capsules which she knew couldn't be the best way to get healthy. Sara used her background in international development (Cornell University) and food research (U.N. and World Bank) along with a team of food scientists to discover some of the amazing health benefits of superfoods like algae, and the incredible synergistic abilities they have to help our body's cells perform at their best. GEM launched in 2018 to reinvent the daily vitamin. Sans sugary gummies or plastic capsules, GEM packs in whole nutrients into its Daily Essentials bite to deliver foods that improve energy, digestion, inflammation and more. GEM launched in 2018 to reinvent the daily vitamin, has shipped 4.7 million nutrition bites and has experienced MOM growth since Sept. 2018.