Mark Milutin

Mark Milutin

ceo, BreadLoaf
Mark Milutin is the managing partner & CEO of Bread Loaf, a digital agency that specializes in retention / lifecycle marketing, Shopify, and creative services. Mark is also the founder of Davos Digital, an e-commerce consulting & advisory firm that helps grow direct to consumer brands online. Over the years, Mark has worked with notable brands including: Mercedes AMG, Marcus Lemonis Fashion Group, Dolce & Gabbana, Toyota, Monster, United Airlines, American Airlines, DIFF Eyewear, Inkkas Shoes, Kenny Flowers and many more. As a marketer, Mark’s core focus has been leveraging brands in house customer data to drive revenue through retention marketing. Prior to founding Bread Loaf, Mark worked as a producer and Director of Operations for multiple agencies in the greater LA area. During Mark’s time at agencies he also founded Cal Coast Wine Club, a direct to consumer subscription wine business. While running Cal Coast Wine Club, Mark became immersed in what it takes to run a successful direct to consumer brand. Mark’s mission is now focused on replicating the success of the brands he has been affiliated with and helping other founders and brand operators achieve what they never dreamed possible.