Lindsay McCormick

Lindsay McCormick

Founder and CEO, Bite
Lindsay McCormick is the Founder and CEO of Bite, an all-natural, zero-waste toothpaste tablet on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable personal care company. McCormick was working as a surf and snowboard instructor turned TV producer which had her traveling all over the world. It was during her travels that she realized she was going through plastic toothpaste tubes at a rapid pace. The repeated use of plastic didn’t align with her values of conservation and sustainability, so she did something about it. This marked the beginning of Bite and why Lindsay felt there needed to be a more sustainable and cleaner solution to toothbrushing. Unable to find travel-friendly, plastic-free alternatives to the toothpaste she was using, Lindsay enrolled in a self-taught online chemistry course, where she learned all about making toothpaste and spoke with every dentist and dental hygienist she could find to come up with a more eco-friendly idea. Lindsay made her first Bite tablets in her living room on a hand-press tableting machine as a way to reduce her personal environmental footprint. Her early customers consisted mostly of family and friends who shared her passion for sustainability. But once a social media video went viral, sales skyrocketed overnight and McCormick quit her full-time job to launch Bite. Rather than producing toothpaste in plastic tubes, Bite makes low-waste, tube-free oral care bites and accessories that are 100% gluten and cruelty free, vegan and absent of harsh chemicals. All you have to do is bite (hence the name) down on one before you brush and the mint-like pellet acts in the same way that toothpaste does to clean your teeth and freshen your breath. Lindsay later appeared on ABC's "Shark Tank'' where she turned down a six-figure deal from Mark Cuban. Lindsay and her team want to keep Bite streamlined and to continue disrupting the oral hygiene market, one tablet at a time.