Jasmin Krieger

Jasmin Krieger

co-founder, SISTA GMBH
Jasmin has always been more enthusiastic about gaining practical experience than "dull" theory. The goal was to make a career as quickly as possible. Since she was 19 years old, Jasmin has authentically asserted herself in a male-dominated professional world. As early as 2010, she became an advocate for gender equality. In this context, she founded the eWin network in Germany for eBay Inc., an initiative that stood for exactly that. For the last 10 years, she helped build PayPal in Germany as an executive. Personal development, coaching & psychological counseling, sparked her interest on a deeper level. In 2019, Jasmin took a year of learning and surrendered to the flow of life, without control, with lots of time for reflection and spiritual growth. Her mission is to develop innovative solutions to today's challenges while thriving in harmony with oneself and the universe.