Dominique Bergiers

Dominique Bergiers

Consultant, GRIN Labs
Dominique Bergiers is a DE&I champion, feminist, and anti-racism educator & activist. Her engagement and advocacy are rooted in her own journey through internalized racism, racial awareness, inner-conflict, and self-healing. As an illegitimate, bi-racial child, Dominique learned from a very young age the meaning of not quite fitting in: a black girl raised into a white colonial family, growing up in 80’s rural Belgium, two decades after the Congo’s independence. Through her unique perspective, she explores the topics of identity, racial justice, inclusion and allyship, in the workplace and in society, with empathy and courage. She unapologetically asks the tough questions, embraces vulnerability & awkwardness, and creates space for authentic conversations – towards more togetherness, more compassion, and real change. With a background in Talent Development and Management Consulting, Dominique is also a career coach, speaker and seasoned facilitator. Based in Brussels, Belgium, she is a bit of a creative nerd, and proud mom of two fun and challengingly witty little boys.