Chana Ewing

Chana Ewing

Founder & CEO, Geenie
Chana Ginelle Ewing is a cultural entrepreneur, marketer, and author who has worked across film, books, retail and tech. She is the founder/ceo of GEENIE, a curated beauty marketplace that enables consumers to discover, shop and share indie beauty brands that embody their values. A multicultural marketing expert, for nearly a decade Chana led digital marketing campaigns for Emmy award-winning and Oscar-nominated documentaries for festival, broadcast, and theatrical release. She is the author of the bestselling book, An ABC of Equality, introducing identity and social justice concepts to children. Chana believes that identity is a lever to pull to unlock human potential and entrepreneurship is an opportunity to make dents that move culture forward. She and her work has been featured in Black Enterprise, Bustle, Essence, Vogue, Fashionista, Well+Good, Coveteur and more. Chana lives and works in Brooklyn, NY; connect with her on social @chanaewing.