Speaker FAQs

Speaker FAQs

Production Tips & Recommendations

Equipment & Camera Set-up

  • Utilize the highest quality equipment available to you to broadcast your segment.  
  • Preferred method – External HD web camera and microphone, good lighting and background. 
  • If you do not have access or the technical ability to setup that type of studio, a good computer with an HD webcam will do. We have found that we can often get better quality from iPads. 
  • You will also want to elevate your camera to at or above eye level. The goal is to look like a professional news cast, and the shot from a camera that is low and shooting up is a very unflattering shot. 
  • IMPORTANT! You will not be running videos or PowerPoints from your location, so make your broadcast choice based on best camera and microphone, not on ability to share screens!  

Internet Speed Test

  • Use one of the many free, online internet speed testing aps to see how robust your service is. We often use Speedtest, here’s the link : https://www.speedtest.net 

Following is a sample screenshot of a wireless system diagnostic. We will ask you for this information when we establish contact with you for rehearsals and for the broadcast. 

                         A close up of text on a white background

Description automatically generated 

The best results will come from your service if your “ping”, or “latency” number is a small number (this is the lag time) and your “Download” and “Upload” speeds are at least 10 Mbps. 

Slides & Videos

  • If you are using a PowerPoint or PDF presentation, consider tailoring the information to fit the smaller screen. Many audience participants will be viewing this meeting on tablets or phones, so build your slides accordingly.  
  • IMPORTANT! Any presentation (video, PowerPoint, PDF) you have will be run from our main control room.
  • Slide Deadline: It is necessary for that content to be in our hands NO LATER THAN three business days from the date of the broadcast or recording.
  • All videos should be .mov files of 720, 1080 quality.
  • All presentation slides should be 4x3 format so they will be able to appear with your video feed picture in picture.
  • Slide formats: Powerpoint is the preferred slide format. We can accept other slide formats but be aware we will not be able to assist with changes in any other format.
  • You will receive a Drop Box link to share your content. 
  • There will be additional show specific information as the script and the program continue to be developed. Take this initial information and begin planning and preparing for your presentation.