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Build Your Brand, Not Your Workload. Find Out How Streamlining Invoice to Pay Automates Your Growth.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Purposeful Innovation: Learning About Innovation Business Models Driving the Future of Retail
Purposeful Innovation Track

Speed matters in eCommerce. Your brand is dependent on the customer benefitting from a smooth and seamless buying process, easy payments process and fast delivery of the goods ordered. Supplier relationships are also critical and can make or break an ecommerce business. Learn how in order to thrive, eCommerce businesses can seamlessly bring together both ends of the value-chain spectrum while operating efficiently ensuring that every internal process can deliver on these customer expectations of a fast and smooth, and secure experience, AP and invoice processing included.

Anand Misra, Director of Product and Partner Marketing - Tilpalti
Shayon Donaldson, Manager, Accounts Payable - Zola.Com