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How to Succeed in the Digital Economy with Consumer Trust

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Creating Connection: Engage with the Hearts and Minds of Your Consumer
Creating Connection Track

In this digital economy, trust will be the fuel that drives growth for merchants. The internet is a double-edged sword: both a powerful platform for progress and a place of misinformation fueling mistrust. Instilling that lost trust in all its guises is a defining issue of our time. Trust is an especially important part of the growing e-commerce ecosystem as we rely more and more on the internet to research and buy products. Customer reviews are now a leading source of consumer confidence and an important channel that merchants use to convert. When review platforms are open for everybody, they contribute authentic and truthful information and help form the basis of a sound digital economy.

In this session, Brian Merritt, VP of New Business and Customer Success at Trustpilot, discusses:

  • The role trust plays in the digital economy
  • Why shared experiences from real people with real opinions build consumer satisfaction and growth for businesses of all shapes and sizes
  • How businesses can leverage the benefits of consumer reviews to gain trust and customers
Brian Merritt, VP of New Business and Customer Success - Trustpilot