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Pandemic Pivot: Santa Monica Seafood Pivots Online DTC

Thursday, May 20, 2021
Operational Disruption: Optimizing the Value Chain for Today's Consumer
Operational Excellence Track

Josh Halpern, aka The VanBassador, is bringing his fast-paced interview series to eCommerce Expo with this exclusive interview with the sustainable seafood brand, Santa Monica Seafood. Together, Josh Halpern and Alfredo Chavez, Director of eCommerce at Santa Monica Seafood, will talk about how they pivoted online and DtC to counter a 50% reduction in food service due to the impacts from COVID. They’ll talk about strategies to bring their close customer relationship experience online to building their brand and adapt quickly to customer feedback. We'll uncover how they built a feedback loop that has driven advancements in their packaging, delivery options such as subscription models, and how there’s no such thing as "too much dry ice!”

Josh Halpern, Founder - Getting to Global Initiative
Alfredo Chavez, VP of Marketing & Ecommerce - Santa Monica Seafood
Santa Monica Seafood