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LAB: Launching a Gen Z Brand in 2021

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
LAB: Launching a Gen Z Brand in 2021

Beyond the TikTok dance challenges, side-part bans, and spilt tea on all that is “cheugy,” who is the Gen Z shopper? Join us for an interactive lab exploring strategies for launching a Gen Z brand in 2021. Discover deeper insights about Gen Z, what motivates their buying habits, and why conscious commerce sits at the heart of it all. Through an open dialogue with Klaviyo and YogaClub, you’ll learn email and text message marketing strategies for reaching Gen Z through the right channels, without trying to be the "cool parent." Find out how to resonate with your Gen Z audience and build lifelong customers—because unlike skinny jeans, your brand isn't just a fad.

Nick Nomann, CMO / Co-Founder - Yoga Club
Mark Milutin, ceo - BreadLoaf
Jennifer Malka, co-founder - Top Growth Marketing
Lindsay McClelland, Director of Marketing - Little Sleepies
Jonathan Palmer, Product Marketing Manager - Klaviyo Ltd
Val Geisler, Customer Evangelist - Klaviyo Ltd