Seminar Program


LAB: Identify Your Global Whitespace Opportunity

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Join Carl Miller, the Managing Director of the Global Retail Insights Network and Josh Halpern, aka The VanBassador and Chairman of The Getting to Global Initiative, as they lead a panel of global minded brands through an exercise to identify the key factors in realizing their full global potential. We’ll bring a few brands together to discuss how they’ve found their tribe, irrespective of geography. Then we’ll “double click” into how they are evaluating their opportunity based on cross-border social media engagement and how they’ve tested and transacted direct through their social media feeds. 

Josh Halpern, Founder - Getting to Global Initiative
Carl Miller, Founder - GRIN Labs
Alex Quinn, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager - Roland Sands Designs
Alicia Kent, Director of Growth - SpearmintLOVE