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KEYNOTE: A Face of Change

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Purposeful Innovation: Learning About Innovation Business Models Driving the Future of Retail
Purposeful Innovation Track

Impact Investor James Rhee is an OG change maker, he embraces the traditionally underserved and underdogs and with grace and humility mentors and invests in individuals and companies to help them lead with the unique majestic force of how they are meant to contribute to the world. Join Barbara Thau in conversation with James about his unlikely role as CEO of Ashley Stewart (2013-2020), and how empowering and seeing his workforce enabled one of the most profound reinventions in business. By weaving financial and social currency into a symphony of purpose, James proved to us all that kindness could indeed bend and rewrite systems of capital, technology, race and gender. And come hear about Red Helicopter, his newest initiative aimed at rectifying wealth and education disparities. Be courageous to see the world for all its majesty and act in a way that supports the change you want to see in yourselves, communities and our industry. ~ James Rhee, newly appointed John H. Johnson Entrepreneurship Chair at Howard University

Barbara Thau, Senior Features Editor - CO Magazine by US Chamber of Commerce
James Rhee, Impact Investor and Entrepreneurship Chair - FirePine Group
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