Seminar Program


Keeping the edge: How meaningful payments data is key to unlocking further growth potential in a dynamic market

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Whether by revenue, transaction volumes, traffic or overall retail market share - whichever way you cut it - US ecommerce growth exploded in 2020. This also means that competition is fierce. In a world where consumers are looking for access to great products through a fast, reliable, fun and convenient shopping experience - there is everything to play for!

The key to keeping the edge here will be merchants’ ability to maintain customer trust, ever improve CX, iterate innovative business models, and increase revenue. Every one of these can be understood and optimized with the right payments data, yet our research tells us that most merchants are not receiving even the basic level of payments data required to make everyday strategic decisions. In this session we will look at how optimizing payments data and analytics empowers ecommerce players to be the very best they can be now and for the future.

Lauren Craig, SVP Sales, US -