Our Tracks and Themes

Our Tracks and Themes

Engage. Connect. Transform.

Our belief is that the next generation of retail isn’t just about getting things done, it is about getting the right things done. It’s about alignment with our customers, our employees, our culture and ourselves. Our speakers represent Innovation, Leadership, Consciousness and Connection and are driven to improve the customer experience in every aspect of their business. We're excited to introduce this growing gathering of passionate retail and brand game-changers who are influencing the landscape of ecommerce.



Agenda Themes for 2021

Purposeful Innovation

Learn About Innovative Business Models Driving the Future of Retail
The next generation of retail isn’t about getting things done, it is about getting the right things done. It’s about alignment with our customers, our employees, our culture and ourselves. Brands are invited to examine their business as it relates to new models that embrace these principles.

Connected & Conscious Marketing

Marketing Strategies for Creatively Reaching Today’s Consumer
As we move with intention into a world of constant change, creating a genuine connection with customers has become more important than ever. Hear from creative compassionate leaders as they share how they develop an emotional connection between their brand and their consumers. We explore everything from social media, personalization, and the platforms that allow marketers to work smarter and more efficiently to create connection.


Aligning new Approaches to Ecommerce with Your Business
2020 showed us the global explosion of ecommerce and demonstrated the overwhelming demand. How do we move forward with bold intention into a world of constant change? These are the new ideas, stories and trends you need to hear as our industry gears up to unprecedented worldwide ecommerce sales of 6.54 trillion dollars by 2022.

Creating Connection

Engage with the Hearts and Minds of Your Consumer
Competition is fierce and the customers of 2021 and beyond are informed, aware and willing to search for the retailers and brands that fit their values. We’ll tackle the stories of success and sometimes failure and we dive into getting inside the hearts and minds of your customers.

Global Outlooks

Realize the Full Potential of Your Global Strategy
The covid-19 crisis created world-wide disruption and even bigger demand for ecommerce. In this massively growing market its time to take hold of your global strategy and take advantage of the global recovery to realize the full potential that a global point of view can deliver for your business.

Operational Excellence

Optimizing the Value Chain for Today’s Consumer
Today’s consumer demands quality and care in every step of their customer journey. Explore the ways retailers and brands can optimize the value chain every step of the way to ensure loyalty and engagement from their customers.

People Power

How to Get the Most Value from Your Team
Ecommerce leaders at every level are tasked with inspiring and supporting their team through the incredible growth, challenges and demands of the past year and onward. We’ll address how leadership can support innovation, drive with compassion through the chaos of change and invest in the most valuable asset of their business – its people.